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Data Recovery Services Columbus OH.

Data Recovery Services – We Bring Back The Dead

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Recovery of lost data can be critical to a business and the same is true of personal files and pictures that are irreplaceable.

Basically losing your files is a nightmare, but one from which you can definitely wake up…we bring back the dead and provide happy endings to your computer deletion woes.

Whether it’s incredibly important tax files for your business or pictures from your vacations to the coast, we are your data recovery experts.  You don’t want some kid fooling around with this, so call a pro, a business that’s been around the block and knows data restoration inside and out.

On Call Tech knows how scary it can be and we know how valuable your data is, we take this very seriously and we fight hard to bring as much back from beyond the grave as possible.  You might believe that it’s impossible, but often we achieve the impossible.  It’s all about having years of experience on all types of machines and having the best trained people around.

We offer the best service in town along with the highest quality expert knowledge, that’s how we’ve build our business.  We may not always be the cheapest recovery service in town, but we pride ourselves on being the best.  And isn’t that what really matters?  We think so.

We provide Columbus data recovery services for desktop hard drives, laptop drives, server drives, external drives, floppy drives and flash (USB) drives.  Our data recovery services fall into two categories:

Logical Data Recovery:

Covers file system damage causing lost data, inaccessible drives, virus or sabotage, accidentally deleted files, formatted drive.

Physical Data Recovery:

Applies to drives with mechanical failure (clicking, grinding, will not spin), controller failure, damaged disk, damaged or cracked casing.  Drives in this category require disassembly in a clean room and recovery can be very time consuming.

data recovery columbus ohio

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If your drive is exhibiting any of these symptoms, TURN IT OFF. Most unrecoverable data is a result of failed recovery attempts.

  • Drive is making unusual noises (clicking, buzzing)
  • Drive does not sound like it is powering on or spinning.
  • Drive won’t boot
  • “No Operating System Found” message at boot up.
  • Accidentally formatted drive or deleted important files.
  • Your laptop or external drive was accidentally dropped.
  • Received Windows “Blue Screen of Death”
  • Attempted to repair or restore your system and now can’t see your files.
  • Drive “hangs” when attempting to boot.

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