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Columbus Area Laptop Repair – Three Locations

Problem with your laptop? Need answers? Call us now and speak to a certified technician (not some automated voice mail) and get the help you need.  We are the experts in laptop repairs and more, we strive to be the best, the fastest and to be price competitive.  Give us a call about your laptop, we’re always on call and you’ll always speak to a real live human being.

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dc jack repair

DC Jack Repair

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Screen Replacement

Our Services

columbus laptop repair

DC Jack Repair
Does your DC Jack feel loose? A common problem on most laptops even through normal wear and tear. In most cases we can replace the jack and you won’t have to buy a new laptop.We want to help you get the best service and to pay as little as you have to when repairing your laptop computer.  We see these kinds of problems every day and we’re very adept at fixing these things.  And we get your device back to you fast, of course, we also stand by our work.

Columbus Laptop Repair — General Services We Perform

Screen Repair Or Replacement
We specialize in screen replacements for laptops, tablets and many other mobile devices. Click here to learn more about our computer repair screen replacement services.  Or, give us a call right now, we’re always by the phone, unlike many of our competitors.  Our highest priority is service and speed.

Accidents happen! Turn it off and call us. We can usually save it.  We’ve saved a lot of laptop computers which the owner thought was doomed, so please bring it in and let’s see if we can repair it.

Laptop Keyboard Repair and Replacement
Missing keys? Buttons keep popping off? This affordable laptop computer repair can increase the life of your computer.  Don’t toss out that older laptop, don’t waste your money on a new one, we can get that old one functioning like brand new.  Put new life back into your laptop keyboard.
Does your laptop overheat then shutdown on its own? This is another repair that can save you from buying a new PC.  Laptops definitely tend to overheat, sometimes this can be a problem, if it is please bring it in and let’s get it fixed.  This is NOT a normal occurrence this can be repaired in almost very case.
Virus, Spyware, Malware and OS Problems
We can scan and remove all viruses and security threats from your computer.  Laptops get infected with viruses and maleware just as much as desktop PCs do, and nothing is more frustrating than having your laptop out of commission…many of us NEED our devices so that we can function in our daily lives, we understand and we read you, don’t worry, we’ll have it back to you before you go nuts.  Fast repairs are our specialty.
Data Recovery
Ask about our data recovery services, we do data recovery for all devices, desktops and laptops.  There is nothing worse than believing that all your files are gone, it’s a nightmare come true.  Well, not be so sure, chances are we can bring those files back, even on laptops.
We’re Columbus Ohio’s expert laptop repair experts, we understand your frustrations and we’re here to give you the highest quality service at the fastest pace possible.  And often our prices beat our competitors.  So, give us a call right away.

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