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Wired and wireless networks allow computers, printers and other devices to share internet access, files and other resources.

For homes and home offices often a combination of wired and wireless network connections provides the most flexibility and ease of installation. This allows computers and printers to utilize wired connections for maximum speed and reliability when they are located close to one another. Wireless connections allow laptop users to move around without the need of cables to access the internet or printers.  We offer computer repair solutions for businesses of all sizes, in addition to our services to the public.

Businesses with multiple users typically rely on wired networks which provide faster data transfer for most users but add wireless access points to allow laptop users to access the network from anywhere in the office.

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IT servicesFor homes and home offices we can provide wireless routers that act as a firewall to help prevent intrusion from hackers and encrypt your wireless signal from being intercepted by neighbors and others.Businesses often require more robust solutions such as stronger firewalls and unified threat management software that blocks spam, restricts access to selected websites and content filtering. Call us to learn how we can make your network more secure.  On Call Tech.



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